Sleep Professionals At Aesthetic Family Dentisty

Why Choose Our Dentists?


The team of Sleep Professionals at Aesthetic Family Dentistry P.A., have a passion for providing oral appliance therapy to patients. They are highly skilled in oral appliance therapy that allows victims of Obstructive Sleep Apnea to live happier, healthier lives. Each day they see firsthand the benefits from correcting sleep disorders and the life changing results they produce.

They use a variety of oral appliances that are custom fitted to help each patient sleep soundly and minimize the effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea such as chronic snoring. These FDA approved devices prevent airway obstruction and allow patients to breathe easily and continuously. Drs Steiner, Fine and Kwiatkowski also realize the importance of good relationships with patients’ physicians and other sleep professionals. They are proud of their network of referring health professionals and they work closely with them to insure the best patient care available. Contact us today to schedule your personalized sleep consultation.  Rejuvenate your life.  Rekindle your sprit.  Get the freedom to sleep better.



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